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Call for Abstract


Please click HERE for the announcement of call for abstract. The deadline for all submissions is 30 September 2014 and the notification of acceptance is 1 November 2014.

Posted July 17, 2014


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Since the establishment of the Biomedical Discipline in the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) in 2004, the status of biomedical engineers in Hong Kong has been recognized and raised. Local biomedical engineers have been actively supporting the research and development (R&D), the medical device listing and future mandatory regulations, making Hong Kong and the Biomedical Engineering International Conference 2014 (BME2014 Hong Kong) the most timely platform for information exchange.


The BME conference series has been a biennial converging point of biomedical professionals of different nationalities, disciplines and research foci since 1992. BME2014 Hong Kong composes of 3-day scientific presentations and workshops, serves as a platform for the biomedical engineers, researchers, regulators, industrialists and healthcare professionals to exchange the latest information and achievements. Presentation topics cover from laboratory research, clinical application to regulatory affairs, facilitating the idea exchange on the new advancement of R&D and a wide spectrum of medical device industry update, allowing further promotion of the professional development in the biomedical engineering field.

Highlights of BME 2012

Welcome to BME2014


With the Conference theme "The Future of Biomedical Engineering - from Vision to Reality”, the Conference will promote professionalism and enhance the competence of local biomedical engineers through a range of topics covering research, technological advancement, regulatory issues, quality management systems, etc., in order to support the biomedical engineers on the commercialization of research and development deliverables in biomedical engineering as well as the design and manufacturing of high value-added medical and healthcare devices. There are sub-themes in this conference.

Conference Theme


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Posted August 12, 2014


Latest Rundown (26/11)


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Posted November 26, 2014

BME 2014 Day2

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BME 2014 Day3

BME 2014 Day1



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